Aperture : our name recall the opening.
In photography, it is the central element of the camera to bring in the light. This regulation of the light source makes it possible to determine the exposure. This subtle dosing between aperture and shutter speed define the quality of your picture.

The same goes for all our products, whose leathers are tanned and selected with care and precision .

The opening defines our DNA! An opening to the world that allow us to capture all these riches, whether natural or human. To open up to the world is also to open up to oneself because we are a part of this magnificent whole and the ultimate actor of the system. By activating the switch we capture all the beauty of the world in an instant. 

Our bags and accessories are designed to assist you throughout your journey. That's what we wanted to communicate you through our collection. 

Our experience in the field and our know-how inherited from several generations of leatherworkers allow us to understand and analyze your needs to design products that are adapted and resistant to the ravages of time.

This addition of skills consolidated by our ongoing exchanges with photographers in the field makes our products a technical and an aesthetic references. 

Who knows what the next 50 years will bring to us... But one thing is certain: Aperture will continue to invest relentlessly in its ideal of excellence for its products, so that you can invest your body and soul in your passion, in your life. Never Stop Shooting !